Saturday, February 21, 2015

"The family that works together....plays together"

Ever wonder what it would have been like to live on a farm?  How about where your food comes from?  Or just what kind of lifestyle the daughter of a farmer must have had?  I'm glad you are following me and would love to introduce you to my life.

My name is Andrea (Farr) Sayer and I have been a farmers daughter for 41 years.  I am currently the 5th generation to be raised on our family farm.  I grew up with two younger sisters Amanda & Crystal and we were very blessed to be raised on a farm in Nebraska.  My parents taught us the value of hard work and the rewards that come from that work.  As a child our motto was "the family that works together... plays together"  And we did exactly that.  In order to have time to go to the lake, take off for a horse show, or go to the fair we all had to pull our weight to make sure the farm work was done.

I remember many times wishing I could be like the "town kids" who got to be in girl scouts, baseball teams and other activities.  What I didn't realize until I grew up was just how lucky I was and how many kids would have traded me places.  I got the privilege of learning to ride a horse very well and to learn to drive a tractor and care for and raise livestock of all kinds.  We had horses, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, and even dairy cattle during my years growing up on our farm.  Of course we had a few dogs and lots of cats too.  Most kids beg for one pet and I had a farm full of them.  But with the animals came chores and responsibility.  At the time I wished for less to do and more free time.  But you know something now I'm glad I had the opportunity to be country born and raised.

I got to have a double life of sorts...........see during the school year I attended the local school and had friends in my school.  I was very active in high school with clubs and activities.  My favorite being FFA.  However, as soon as the school year ended it was time to 4-H where I ran with a totally different crowd of kids.  We spent every weekend on horseback at a horse show in 100* plus weather and loved every minute of it.  These kids knew me as the farm girl I was..........not afraid to scoop some shit or do some work so I could spend the weekend riding a horse and making friends.  A white long sleeved shirt, wrangler jeans, and a black stetson were my trademark for the weekend.  I participated in everything from showmanship to barrel racing and for the most part I was good.  My mom and sisters were with me every weekend, but it was only on special weekends (like when it rained) that my dad got to come watch us perform.  I remember how proud he and mom were of us but since the only way to pay for us to do this was through hard work dad sacrificed a lot to let us play.

Fact of the matter when it came to the major event in my young life such as graduation from high school and college.  I prayed very hard that it would rain so he would not only be there but not be late getting there because something needed done on the farm.  You see when livestock depends on you for their life you don't stop just because you want to.  And when a crop needs water, weeding, or harvesting you better be there at that time.  My parents always did their best by me making sure they were at the events that mattered most in my life.  But the sacrificed alot to do that.  Like never taking a vacation for the first 20 years of their married lives.  I was in college before they went on a trip that was more than a couple days and didn't involve picking up parts.

You see being a farmers daughter means you learn to pray and be grateful for what you have which is love.  Because every day your family gambles with mother nature and God on the chance to make a living that season.  Some years are full of bounty and others are very lean.......but through it all you learn the greatest gift you have is your family and that God really does control everything that matters.

Thank you for joining me.

Sincerely yours,

Andrea Sayer