Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Time to catch up

Dear friends,

Sorry it has been 2 years since I last took the time to chat with you.  So much in my life has changed and been in a state of udder confusion.  For this I appoligize and will explain.

August 1 2015 my good friend (basically a sister-in-law) passed away totally unexpectedly and this left a huge void in alot of peoples lives.  However for me it added to my life in so many ways I'm not sure where to start.  I started helping my brother/cousin (but he is more like a brother than anyone else is) raise his 3 boys then ages 5,7,8.  Man I love him and those boys but in doing his I was burning my candle at both ends.  I got them afterschool each day and with my mom's help we took care of them did homework and cooked them supper and gave them showers so they were ready for bed each night Monday-Thursday.  This left me very little time with my husband and two teenagers.

Meet Marshal, Charlie, and Dalton 

During this time I still raised Nubian dairy goats, boer goats, pigs, and Jersey Dairy Cattle.  I made and sold goat milk soap and body products at craft shows every weekend from Sept-Dec.  So 2015-2016 has been a very up and down period of time for me with added blessings and many sad moments and periods of time.
 One of my favorite creations Chocolate Covered Strawberry 

I didn't know what or how to share with you all my new adventure and to be honest I was so tired I didn't have or take the time for this therapy.  Yes you heard me correct writing to you all and sharing my days is a form of therapy that I really enjoy.  I hope my short blogs make each of you smile and perhaps understand agriculture just a bit more.

My family in 2015 on our trip to the Grand Cayon and to Pick up Duelly

So in moving forward.  I have had 3 proms, a State FFA Degree and a graduation for my oldest son Dillon who is now 19 and I have had one prom ,a chapter FFA office, and 2 Summer honors programs in art for my daughter Amelia now 17.  So over the next few blogs I might bring back the memories with my children that you have missed.

My youngest buck Buddy from Kansas

As for the dairy goat opperation I have lost a couple wonder does but I have also added 2 new bucks and several retained does.  The program I have worked so hard to make happen is finally coming together.  I can and do sell farm fresh milk and I have giving a try to wine and cheese claseses to bring attention to my dairy goats and my goals with them.

My buck Duelly from Arizona

This past week I have undergone a surgery that will set me back atleast 6 weeks but I'm sure after I get completely healed I will be back to telling you all some great stories about what it takes and means to be a Farmers daugter on Deer Creek.

Until we meet again.......

Andrea Sayer

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