Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Desire to learn something new

Well it took Buddy dying this past week for me to realize I won a semen tank with goat semen in storage but I have no idea how to do my own AI of my does.  I have some wonderful bucks and amazing bloodlines in storage but no way to utilize them.  Well not any more I have taken my time off to recoup from surgery to find a location that I can attend a class to learn to AI.  They will teach me and allow me to actually try to AI goats all in the same day.
buddy and I on our first meeting
Reproduction Enterprises Inc out of Stillwater Oklahoma will be the destination for my training.  The super cool thing is they will also collect my bucks if need be and even AI my does the traditional way or Laparoscopic for me.  This is something I will do if my scheduled class doesn't take place before I want to start my breeding season.  I hope to learn all I can from this class and to be able to make improvement in my herd by using better quality bucks to improve my program in a positive way.  I know I could just keep purchasing bucks and see if they give me the offspring I desire or I can use the great semen I currently own to see if I can take my goats forward in a positive way.  I own semen from the countries top breeding bucks in the current market and from those bucks we have walked away from but they founded what we started with.
My good friend Kayla who helped me the first time and we got one litter
So with careful consideration as to who to breed who to and also using my live bucks as planned or as cleanup bucks for when a doe doesn't settle with AI I am opening my farm up to world of possibilities.  I know I will have the opportunity to be breeding and raising goats not many others will have in their herd. This makes me very excited as I will be working with genetics older than me in some ways and some that are on today's cutting edge.  I have bucks collected and stored that were born in the late 70's early 80's up to the early 2000's.  This array should give me the opportunity to create some fantastic milkers with some fabulous show potential.
Kastdamur's Most Wanted our successful breeding sire
I realize when you start a plan like this some will call you crazy and even insane.  My over all goal is to see what I can breed DJ's Creek Nubians into.  Will they become the go to goat?  Or will I end up with more misses than successes.  To me the fun part will be watching each litter be born.  Deciding if they are keepers or cull animals and then to watch the keepers to see what they become hopefully in more herds than my own.  I owe my ability to have this semen tank to all the people to had the foresight to collect there bucks before me and to those whom used what they wanted from the tank to make their herd improvements but left enough behind to be passed on to another willing individual.  I just know that some how God has lead me to meet these great people and that the goats I will breed will lead me to meet even more wonderful people.
 Bissberry Vino Trust died before he could be collected
 Jodi Veite and I = Goat sisters for life!
 Keeble a pet that grew into something special
Goddard Farm Big Al a buck that died before he was collected
As you can see from my view point this decision is going to greatly impact my herd and give me the chance to have great genetics for years to come and to help others successfully use them in the Midwest.  I pray God give me the ability to learn this and to be able to offer this service to others.  I have the desire now do I have the ability.  Only God knows but I will put my faith in him.

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