Sunday, July 9, 2017

Farmers daughter down for the count

As a few of you know but most don't I had a routine vaginal hysterectomy on June 20th.  The plan was I would be off work until July 11th when I would pass the first of 2 post opp visits and be allowed to return to work at a casual pace not doing anything that required heavy lifting.  Then on July 25th I hoped to be released to start doing more around the farm eventually working back to doing everything I did before but without the monthly debilitating pain.
Dillon Sayer 

So we worked out a schedule to reduce the milking herd to once a day milking there by making it easier for my husband, son and daughter to do the milking after their work day.  The goats were really champs about this an have slowed production down to accommodate our needs.  My son Dillon stepped up to bat and took all the weeknight milking as long as he could have his weekends to do what he wanted with friends.  My husband and daughter Amelia have took over the weekend jobs. Which do seem to entail more work in that they make sure hay is over at the pens for the week and that the old unused hay is scooped out an dispensed to the dairy cattle or some group that will eat it.

Amelia Sayer

The plan was going great until 10 days post operation when I got sick as all can be and ended up back in the hospital for a 4-5 day visit with high fevers and a post opp infection that was threatening to send my body into septic shock.  So much for the great plan.  Thank God for good doctors and a great nursing staff.  I am back home and taking my time recovering.  I feel like I have been hit by a truck and any energy I had post surgery is now gone.  I do some light housework and then have to take a couple hours rest. Which is very out of my comfort zone
I did get to go out and visit the goats this evening and give them all scratches and love.  They are doing great and I have my family to thank for this blessing.  However I really miss them and can't wait to be able to return to a normal schedule for me.  And I will admit 3 hours at the farm basically doing nothing has kicked my butt.4
Andrea and babies this spring
In the mean time I have signed up to take an AI course this fall which I am very excited about.  I have also made all my breeding plans for next year.  And I have a date to take my weathers and cull does to the sale at Colby Livestock later in the month.  I will be adding a few of Dillon's unneede
d young bucks and kids that were born too late to make the last sale.

This has been a wide awakening to me as to how much my "job" with the animals is a full time responsibility that really burdens others when I get ill and have to rely on them.  However, I am thankful they are stepping up to the bat and not going with Amelia's plan of just sell the goats because she hates them and really has no desire to have them on the farm.  Then again she is a teenager and could change her mind but I doubt it and that too is okay.  Not everyone in your family is going to love what you love, however everyone in your family should love you enough to make things work when life take a turn and shit hits the fan.
My loving family on a work vacation to Grand Canon 

Looking to make a full recovery in time for breeding season.  In the mean time I will plug along at the pace I can and hopefully I will stay out of the hospital.  Until we meet again...........God Bless the American Farmer.

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